ITEL Now Mobile Toolkit Bundle: Flooring + Siding & Roofing

$ 207.00

The ITEL Now Mobile Toolkits help you test flooring, siding, and roofing on-site with the ITEL Now Mobile Lab app. With the kit and the app, you can receive an accurate replacement price or product match from the ITEL lab in just 30 minutes!

The kit bundle includes both the ITEL Measurement Stand, the specialty tools needed to test flooring, siding, and roofing, and separate carrying cases. Both the smartphone and tablet versions of the kits are compatible with iOS and Android devices.  

You'll need to have the ITEL Now Mobile Lab app installed on your iOS or Android smart device (not included) and an ITEL Now app account to use the kits. Get started now with the app at

Homeowners: This kit and the ITEL Now app are designed to be used by adjusters, contractors, mitigation technicians, and other industry professionals that routinely work with property claims. If you would like to submit your flooring for analysis, please go to the Homeowner page on the ITEL site.